Investment Criterion
Investment Approach
Our investment approach requires us to constantly work towards adding value to our investee companies. In addition to providing growth capital, we are active shareholders and provide strategic direction as well as the knowledge and experience to build companies to international standards. Whether it is to improve your company's capital structure, operational efficiency, or expand into new markets, our team can support you in achieving your goals.
Investment Target
We invest in successful companies seeking capital to grow their existing business or expand into new and related businesses (“growth capital”). Investment sizes typically range between USD 5 million and USD 15 million. We aim to realize investments through exits within three to five years, preferably through an IPO sale or sale to a third party.
Responsible Investment
Our approach to investing is based on a commitment to investing responsibly. We are bound by rigorous environmental, social and governance standards as set out by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Recent Portfolio